COVET 03.png

Without using a single word, COVET’s music says so much.

On their new release effloresce the Bay Area trio effortlessly blend instrumental math-rock with elements of post-rock and post-metal, juxtaposing delicate melodies with propulsive rhythms and captivating energy. There’s an inescapable push and pull to the collection, both as a whole and in its individual pieces. It’s a facet of their sound the group rarely explored on their debut EP, 2015’s Currents, but one they’ve harnessed to its maximum potential here.

Currents was very positive, clean tones,” guitarist Yvette Young explains. “I wanted this album to have more contrast between stuff that sounded happy and grosser sounds. Contrast is so important; it’s such a valuable songwriting tool for building suspense.”

That’s especially noticeable when the jazzy, ethereal “Shibuya” (a collaboration with San Holo) or “Sea Dragon,” which begins as a slow burn only to explode into a groove-heavy swirl of soaring melody, is juxtaposed next to something like the ominous “Gleam.” It makes for a powerful dichotomy and emotional resonance that’s at the heart of Covet’s art.