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Salami Rose Joe Louis is a multi-instrumentalist female producer from California and a recent signee to Flying Lotus’s independent label Brainfeeder. Drawing influences from jazz, soul, hip-hop, Shuggie Otis, Captain Beefheart, Stereolab, and R. Stevie Moore, she creates a blend of experimental dreamy sounds with jazz influenced vocals and piano. Her band recently had the honor of joining Toro y Moi’s “Outer Peace Tour”. After a couple years of touring as a singer/instrumentalist with other bands and collabing with groups such as Bizarre Ride (Pharcyde), Dj Numark, and Starro, a bandmate gave her an MV8800, catalyzing a deep dive into the production world, self recording and mixing both of her albums on the MV, "Son of a Sauce" and "Zlaty Sauce Nephew". Humbled by the greats, she was overjoyed to hear her album "Zlaty Sauce Nephew" made bandcamp's best 100 albums lin 2017. Drawing from her studies in planetary sciences, she creates a celestial experience filled with space inspired sounds and galaxy chords:) Hope you enjoy!

"Californian lo-fi fusioneer Salami Rose Joe Louis cooks a mean sauce. It tasted great on her debut album Son Of A Sauce last year, and it tastes even better with this year’s extended family member, Zlaty Sauce Nephew. Like all the best cooking, few ingredients are necessary; it’s all about how she brings them together in her analog kitchen. Aquatic guitar shimmers, twinkling keys, sparse beats, rusty old-timey organs, and her somnambulant vocals combine to create 32 innocent, playful, and disarming moments." –Dave Jenkins, bandcamp